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[seul-edu] Basic Linux Course updated

I've finished updating/creating a basic Linux user's course, and will begin
on a basic sysatems administration course within the next week.  For those
who have the original intro course mirrored, I'll be mailing you the updated
version shortly, once I get it converted out of its original *.sdw format
and into .doc (yeah, Windoze), rtf, pdf, HTML, ps, and etc formats.

Some of the changes include the following:

* The course has been reduced to the user's point of view. Previously, I
tried to cram as much as I could into a basic intro course, one that tried
to cover as much as possible in the least amount of time... to be honest, I
think I overdid it by a wide margin. This one has been toned down to labs
and concepts that a user would be concerned about, as opposed to the
concerns of , say, a kernel hacker :) (I had to consciously tell myself to
not include certain items, since a user wouldn't normally see it until much
later on, after he or she has learned the system.)

* I reduced the CLI involvement to much lower levels, and increased the
amount of time a student spends in the GUI. (the window manager used is
GNOME, though KDE is also used a little...)

*The textbook has changed. Though I love the concepts in the O'Reilly book
'Running Linux, 3rd Edition', much of it was getting dated (The book was
published in 1999.) The textbook used in this version is Everyday Linux
(ISBN 0-13--91762-1), by Prentice Hall.

*The labs are less of a 'walk-through' and more of a challenging set of
tasks, all of which point to concepts being learned at the time.

As soon as I get approval for the GNU Free Documentation licensing I
proposed for it (the copyright belongs to the school as well as myself,
hence the paperwork), I should have it up on the web and ready for

Also, though I wanted to use the CBT's from Mark Komarinski, I will save
them for the basic sysadmin course... Also, he's in the middle of updating
it to conform to RH 7.* versions, so I'll hold off and include them once he
gets updated.

The whole shebang should be up and ready within a week or so, bureaucracy
depending :)

"Why, Mr. Speaker, should we do anything for posterity? What has posterity
done for us?"
 -Sir Boyle Roche, 18th century Parliamentarian