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[seul-edu] Proposed free syllabus license?

The Utah Attorney General's office blanched at the GFDL... (can't blame 'em;
I only understand half of it myself.)

However, I'm crafting a compromise which will still allow free distribution
and modification - I desperately need comments and opinions here (and
possibly any additions that I may have missed:)

Copyright (C) 2001
Thomas J Miller jr (author)
Utah State Office of Education (employer)

Redistribution, modification, and use of this document is permitted under
the following conditions:

1) This notice shall be preserved and due credit given to the original
author and contributors.

2) Any modifications and contributions to this document are welcome, so long
as those modifications and/or contributions are made freely available to the
public under the same conditions as presented in this notice.

3) A verbatim and unaltered copy of this notice shall be included in this
document, or any derivative or modified version of this document

4) No modification, derivative, or contribution shall include any supposed,
assumed, or actual questions or answers to any examination upon which a
student's progress or knowledge may be graded in a school setting.


I put #4 in there to prevent a student from cobbling together copies of exam
questions or their answers, and calling it "free documentation."

"Why, Mr. Speaker, should we do anything for posterity? What has posterity
done for us?"
 -Sir Boyle Roche, 18th century Parliamentarian