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RE: [seul-edu] Eval targets for ISO project Phase 1

I just took a look at carnegie, and I'm not sure it belongs on the ISO.  It
appears to be designed to help college students build their schedules.  It
looks like it needs the schedule of classes somewhere in the back end, and
it just generates possible schedules to request.

For college students, this might be nice, but I'm not sure it fits in to
K-12.  My experience is that schools don't generally allow students to pick
what section of a course they get into, but if that is not the case, this
could be useful.  

Overall, I think that this software solves a problem that few K-12 schools
are dealing with.

I think that, as discussed in the past, software to generate a schedule
matrix would be more valuable.


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Subject: [seul-edu] Eval targets for ISO project Phase 1

OK folks, here are eight applications for us to look over and do a
preliminary evaluation for their scholastic usefulness:

AbulEdu <http://www.abuledu.org>
Alumni-Online <http://alumni-online.sourceforge.net>,
asigna <http://structio.sourceforge.net/asigna/>
Bessie the Annihilator
BJS <http://bjs2.sourceforge.net/>
carnegie <http://john.tunison.net/code/carnegie/>
Createusers <http://www.lfsp.org/users.html>
DETA <http://www3.ncsu.edu/dox/deta/index_old.html>

AbulEdu, asigna, and BJS are in French, Spanish, and German,
respectively; the rest are in English.  If any of you are already using
one or another of these apps in a school, say so right away.  That app
will have defacto passed our Phase 2 eval.  Otherwise, look at the
websites, try out any demos available, and then give us your Phase 1
evals of them.  If you're moved to actually install an app and test it,
so much the better; if you pass it then it will have passed Phase 2.

I'd like to be able to say yes or no to these apps for Phase 1 by
Friday; there are a _lot_ of apps for us to go through.  Please,
everyone, try to take a look at these.  It won't take you very much time
and it's a task we greatly need to accomplish.

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