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Re: [seul-edu] Eval targets for ISO project Phase 1

Schmitt, Mark wrote:
I just took a look at carnegie, and I'm not sure it belongs on the ISO.
I think that, as discussed in the past, software to generate a schedule
matrix would be more valuable.

OK, this is the kind of response I've been hoping for. So far we have alumni-online and carnegie ruled out, and createusers ruled in. Jim Thomas, did you install and test createusers, or just review the website? That will determine whether it's passed Phase 1 or Phase 2.

If anyone has contrary opinions on alumni-online or carnegie, pleast post them. And I'd like to see evals of the other 5 apps too. Three of them aren't in English, so it would be nice if some of our French, Spanish, and German speakers could give them a quick look-see.

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