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[seul-edu] The intent of these ISO messages

I think I should explain just what I'm doing with the many messages I've been sending to this list in the past few days. I've decided to contact the maintainers of every application in our Index that isn't obviously dead and ask them if they know of their apps being currently used in at least one school. It the answer is yes, then that app goes on the Phase 2 completion list <http://www.seul.org/edu/Phase2.txt>. If the answer is either no or I don't know, that doesn't preclude the app from getting on the Phase 2 list; it just means that we'll have to examine it and do the eval ourselves. This is a way of cutting down the workload we'll have to do (and of increasing the visibility of the ISO project, too), but it won't eliminate the need for us to do any evals.

I've finished contacting everyone in the Administrative category. Let's give it a day or so, then I'll list all the apps that still need evaluating. I'd like to be able to say that someone has looked at each app there, and to be finished with the Administrative category (except for new entries as they're added), by the middle of June. Some of those apps that we'll need to eval will probably fail a Phase 1 eval, so we may have only a relatively few to actually install and test. Let's see if we can close the book on at least one major category!

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