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[seul-edu] Tuxtyping 1.5.0 Released!

After over a year of development with no releases, we are pleased to present Tux Typing 2 "Preview" release.  Most of the internals have been rewritten with a focus on extensibility and internationalization.  Creating a language pack is now as simple as creating a file for translations (lang.po file), maybe finding a font [1], setting up how the keyboard maps to the characters [2], and finally creating some word lists.
There is a new style of game "Comet Zap" and the start of tutor components with the new "Practice" mode.
We really look forward to getting feedback about what parents/teachers/students/kids think about the new work.  This release has a few rough edges, but we feel that it is time to let the world see what has been happening with Tux Typing.
We have forums, mailing lists, and most importantly windows and linux builds are available at http://tuxtype.sf.net
We are already hard at work at 1.5.1 and hope to have it released soon making it even easier for translators and users!
Jesse Andrews - jdandr2@uky.edu
Calvin Arndt - calarndt@tux4kids.net
and the rest of the Tux4Kids group!
[1] We are using a font that has support for many languages (Dansk, English, French, Spanish, ...)  So if the included font works with your language, you don't need to find a new font.
[2] for instance in the default (English) language pack, we set up the game so if the student presses 'A' or 'a' it both works for "A".