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Subject: Re: Question about PingoS-Zeugnistool
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 03:26:16 +0200
From: Jan.Trippler@t-online.de (Jan Trippler)
To: Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
CC: Andreas Kalbitz <felix@pingos.org>
References: <1053034402.2218.13.camel@dloss>

Hi Doug,

sorry for my late answer, but I've currently very much to do in my

On Don, 15 Mai 2003 at 17:33 (-0400), Doug Loss wrote:
That brings me to my question. Is PingoS-Zeugnistool currently in use in a school? If so, I can put it on the Phase 2 list. Thanks for your help!
PinZeT (so the name of our tool) is at least in use at a scool in
Hamburg. Unfortunally the work on the tool sleeps at the moment
because there's no time. I hope we will be able to continue the work
on it in the near future. If you are interested in further
information about it, I'll save your address for upcoming release

A brief description of PinZet:
The tool is designed to create printable files for scool reports.
Currently it can merge data of pupils and their scool marks with
TeX format files and create a ps/pdf output. There's a simple tcl/tk
interface to select the data, format files and output files. We want
to implement the following features:
- a user interface for teachers to create format templates (in germany
  we have a lot of different forms for every scool type, age and
  federal state)
  Our goal is to set up a free available server for those templates.
- a program to record pupil's data and marks
- interfaces for several data formats (i. e. XML, databases)


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