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Subject: Re: Question about Schedulist
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 21:23:52 +0300
From: Urpo Lankinen <wwwwolf@iki.fi>
To: Doug Loss <drloss@suscom.net>
References: <1053035879.2239.29.camel@dloss>

Doug Loss quoth thus:

   That brings me to my question.  Is Schedulist currently in use in a
school?  If so, I can put it on the Phase 2 list.  Thanks for your help!
Honestly, I don't know. I know people have picked that program for
their use but I don't know if anyone's actually using them for
anything extremely heavy. I wrote the program primarily for my own use
and released it in hopes that it is useful for others.

From implementor's perspective, the 1.0 version is rather ugly and
the CVS version / 1.1 is not yet usable and I'm not updating it right
now (hopefully I'll get it done this summer!)

I wouldn't recommend either for end users in typical schools
though. There's no user interface apart of the XML input files, which
may be way out of league for so-called "normal mortals"...

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