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K-8 Curriculum

I just finished talking to a computer lab teacher. By Wed. I should have the
complete K-8 computer curriculum. Here's a preview from the notes I took.
Kindergarten thru 2nd grade is basically teaching fine motor skills such as
mouse skills like pointing, clicking and drag and drop. They use these skills
to use a drawing program. At 3rd grade they start with real keyboard and a
kids version of a word processor for writting stories. Grades 5 thru 8 they
use database and spreadsheet programs along with internet access. The
appletalk network is used for printer access. By 2000 every teacher will have
a computer and printer on their desk (I think this was the desk where they do
their classwork preparation not classroom desk). Also most teachers have the
same setup at home as they have in the classroom. For teachers there is big
range of programs. There is a software catalog for teacher productivity tools.
My notes say math work sheet, reading flash cards, spelling games, worksheet,
spell it plus, etc. In time I'll get this all sorted out. Anyway I think we've
got good access to K-8. The teacher was unfamiliar with highschool  use of
computers. I will keep you posted as I get information.