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K-8 Curriculum

Tomorrow I should be meeting with a teacher to go over the K-8 curriculum.
Here is a list of questions I have put together.

Is the curriculum a local policy or based on a national model?

From Doug's and Micah's posts I'll ask about the following:

Kid Writer (a word processor for kids that allows them to create simple
pictures and then to write down stories about them).

At Ease (simplified user interface for kids).

Drill and practice software for spelling and arithmetic.

I don't know where  it came from but I have a note that says (Power Point or
Magic Point early development). What is it?

Anything else?

After I talk to the teacher, I'll make a list of the required software. We'll
need a web page to put it on. As I see it providing some of the software is
fine for home use if their is a Linux system but to replace Mac/Windows in
schools requires all the software. This why I want to get it all listed.