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Re: Simplified UI for younger kids

Doug writes:
>Although I'm not familiar with it, I understand that there is a simplified
user  interface
>designed for kids to use that's available for the Macintosh.  Since Linux has
the  concept of
>modifiable window managers built in from the start, doing something like this
seems like a
>very reasonable and fairly easy task.  From personal preference I'd think
that  basing it on
>WindowMaker or GNOME might be best, but I doubt that it would be too
difficult in  any given WM.
>Is this a useful idea to pursue?  Does anyone know anything about the Mac UI
I mentioned
>above?  This is an idea of mine with very little behind it at the moment.
Let me know if it
>seems worth investigating.

I will try and remember to ask the teacher when I see her.