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Re: Simplified UI for younger kids

>>>MY == Micah Yoder <LYoder@cyberis.net> wrote at Sun, 8 Nov 1998 21:03:19
-0400 :
>Douglas Loss wrote:
>> Although I'm not familiar with it, I understand that there is a simplified
 user interface
>> designed for kids to use that's available for the Macintosh.  Since Linux
has the concept of
>You mean At Ease?  I've used it a bit.  Didn't like it immensely, but
>then, why would I?
>Perhaps the window manager and my education launchpad could be somehow
>merged into one???
Yup, At Ease is the one I meant.  If anyone wants to see what it looks like,
go to <http://training.apple.com/fast/mpfast/mactech/mtmacos9.html>.  I'm not
 sure if it's something we ought to emulate, but I think we could do
something similar without too much effort.  And the idea of Micah's launchpad
 being the basis for such a UI appeals to me quite a bit.

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