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Stock Market Simulator

Perhaps it's time to bring back the stock simulator idea.  Someone
E-mailed me a long time ago saying that would be an excellent tool to
teach kids investing.  Roger and I figured out a way to get stock quotes
into a Perl program.  But that's all I have currently.

I think it's even more relevant now that we're aiming more for the
classroom than the home.  I could see it being used in grades 7-12.

I immagine it would work something like this:

Every night the program fetches quotes on several companies that kids
might have some interest in.  A full feed is not necessary.  Say,
McDonald's, Disney, Coke, Pepsi, and maybe about 100 others.

Every day, a student would be able to make trades (at yesterday's close
price) and the program would keep track of his/her portfolio.

It should be easy to do, and a CGI/PHP based program would probably
handle it just fine.  Is anyone interested in this?