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Re: Micah's menu program

> Isn't this just exactly the point of open source software?  One person comes
> up with an idea, others say, "You know, you could do X and it would be an
> even better program," and suddenly you have something _very_ nice.  With
> Micah's permission, could we get this set up as our first software project?

Go ahead, and I'll help with it.  I just stalled on it for a few months
because I wasn't sure if the interest was really there.

BTW, I forgot to mention, when you get the archive, to install:

cd /usr/local
tar xvf edulp.tar

It expects to install under /usr/local, and won't work otherwise!

> Bob, are you a Perl and/or Perl/Tk programmer and could help?  My Perl skills
>  aren't very good, but I'll try to read up on the language so I can at least
> be of a little help.

Do you have the O'Reilly Perl books?  Advanced Perl Programming is great
and covers some Perl/Tk.  But you need to know the basics first.