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Re: Linux Educational Projects Worldwide

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> I was going through my notes and I noticed that I had missed (lxk12 mailing
> list). Doug again what is this. Do you have the URL handy.

lxk12 is a mailing list hosted by LXNY, a New York City Linux user
group.  It appears to be primarily educators talking about how they're
currently using Linux in their schools (mostly as servers of various
types) and how to fix problems they might encounter.  It doesn't seem to
have much to do with R&D, which appears to be our general direction.  I
suspect it covers many of the same topics that the Portland k12linux
mailing list does.  The only URL I have is <http://www.lrw.net>, which
appears to be essentially a personal website.  I couldn't find an
archive of list posts there.

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