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Re: Bruno's programs and [Fwd: linuxtoday]

Doug Loss wrote:

> Bruno, I think you'll be a valuable addition to our group if you're
> willing to be.  Would you be willing to work with Micah (sorry for
> volunteering you, Micah; if this is going to be too time-consuming let
> me know and we'll work abound it), me, and other interested people to
> integrate the edulp and your taq (and jaq)?  And your report card

I'd love to work on something like that, sure!  I talked to him a bit by
private E-mail also.

> generator seems like a natural to be connected to a gradebook program.
> If GNOME is working on a gradebook program I think we should support and
> help them rather than start a parallel project.  We have enough things
> that we can work on that I don't think we need to duplicate other's
> work.

Right.  Anyone have a URL for Gnome's gradebook?  It's not linked from
the main site (unless I missed it....)