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I work for a Department of Education funded grant intended to further the
use of technology in education (http://scrtec.org/), and while we have
always promoted Linux for use in schools, we are working on a few things
to help its adoption. A large amount of our effort will go into providing
assistance and resources, but also to making sure it's easy to use and
that they have the applications they need.
The most requested application we receive is for a gradebook, and we would
like to help develop that. There are only a few of us, and this isn't the
only thing we'll be doing at work, but hopefully we can make important
Some of the other programmers are interested in more general UI and
administration problems, and will likely also be contributing to those
portions of the SEUL project as well.

Anyway, I'm interested in starting this as quickly as possible, and if no
one objects, I think it would be best to start with the gradebook.
I have talked to a few people individually who are interested in helping
with a gradebook, and I will suggest they come here. If a GNOME gradebook,
as mentioned in the earlier mail, has been started, it might be a good
idea to join the author(s) on this specific project, especially if they've
already started.

I can provide web/ftp/cvs space, as well as an additional mailing list
specifically for the gradebook development, if necessary.

First off, does anyone have a design or requirement list yet?
Also, what features do we need and what standards and protocols do we need
to comply with? I can do some research on this.

Justin Bradford