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currently available gradebook programs

I just did a web search for gradebook programs and came across these 17.  I haven't looked at
 them all in detail, but I figure that looking at the features they do will give us a list of
 common specifications and unusual but interesting possibilities.  In the list below I will
make occasional comments about programs and websites.  Remember that I'm not a teacher and I
haven't looked at these programs in any detail.

Excelsior Software         www.gradebook.com
Calico Educational         www.calicoed.com
Contec Systems             www.contec-systems.com
1st Class                  www.interlog.com/~1stclass      this crashed Netscape every time
Gradekeeper                www.gradekeeper.com
ThinkWave Software         www.thinkwave.com               more than a gradebook; an
                                                           administrative system
SVE                        www.svemedia.com
Jay Kline                  www.gradebusters.com            this crashed Netscape every time
PGGP                       www.pggp.com
Campus Gradebook           www.uiuc.edu/ccso/gradebook/index.html
InteGrade                  www.integrade.com
EduSolve                   www.edusolve.com                more than a gradebook; an
                                                           administrative system
Misty City                 www.mistycity.com
The Complete Gradebook     www.plainoldsoftware.com
R&R Edware                 www.rredware.com
Schoolhouse Software       www.igolbal.net/schoolhouse/
GRADER                     www.iup.edu/co/minigdr.html     appears to run on VMS

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