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This is my first message to this list. This introduction is because I
foolow the recomendation in the welcome message. I am very interested on
applying Linux in educational programs. Although being an associate
professor in a Brazilian university, I have contacts with the equivalent
K12/high-school grades. My university has a very active group doing
research on physics education. My main interest is bring "new" concepts in
Physics and Mathematics such as chaos, fractals, complexity to the
kids/teens. I have used x-10 gadgets, Tablets, video-cameras and a cheap
microscopy on Linux. In spite of being a theoretical researcher, my focus
on education goes to simple experiments with "amazing" results :) 
 I am currently working at Boston University as a post-doc. I will be back
to Brazil next April. 

Thadeu Penna          Linux user #50500
Center for Polymer Studies - Boston University 
590 Commonwealth Ave. - Boston MA 02215