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"Hi, my name's Kevin..."

Another in the series of ongoing self-introduction messages...

My name is Kevin Turner, and I'm on this list because I'm of the opinion
that the idea open-source software for use in schools makes far too much
sense to be ignored.  But I don't have to tell /you/ that...

I am currently a first-year college student in Oberlin, Ohio.  I attended
high school in Portland, OR, but didn't hear about the K12Linux project
while I was there (how new is it?).  My primary course of study is in
the physical sciences...

I've been using Linux since sometime in my sophmore year of high school.
I've done some work (both with code and documentation) for the GNU Image
Manipulation Program plug-ins...  For this reason, I'm biased toward's
GTK as opposed to Tk.  :) 

...and what I started writing is growing too long for this intro, so
it'll be coming under seperate heading.  Or perhaps two.  You have been

 - Kevin