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Re: seul-edu sub-projects

>>>RD == Roger Dingledine <arma@seul.org> wrote at Sun, 15 Nov 1998 06:06:34
-0400 :

>We should keep seul-edu as the primary discussion list until we have a
>more precise plan for what we want to develop and who's going to develop it.

>But this doesn't mean that people interested in discussing a particular
>sub-project indepth shouldn't start working on it. They can either discuss
>privately (please cc me and dloss@seul.org so we can keep in sync with
>people) with those interested in that sub-project (and post periodic
>(daily or every other day) updates to the list itself) or I can set up a
>list for that discussion, in preparation for when it's "opened" to general

That seems reasonable to me.  I just didn't want our list to become endless
discussion withour actual development of software.  My problem is that
although this list has been public for just 9 days, we have been talking
about educational software here at SEUL for 3-4 weeks now.  In most of your
eyes I'm sure that we're just getting started, so there isn't yet a reason to
 subdivide the list.  If we do get specific development efforts going to the
extent that they are essentially running on separate threads within the
seul-edu list, we can then set them up with their own mailing lists as
sub-projects.  We have the resources to do that whenever necessary.  As Roger
 said, if any of you want to work privately on one or another of the ideas
mentioned here, please feel free to.  But if you do, would you let us know
how you're doing by posting updates to the list?

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