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Re: seul-edu sub-projects

In message <19981115030005.A26204@defiant.crash>, es186@fen.baynet.de writes:
>On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 07:45:28PM -0400, Douglas Loss wrote:
>> We are rapidly growing to the point that we may need to divide into
>> sub-projects just to keep the momentum going.  I propose that we consider
>> having a gradebook (and administrative software) sub-project, a courseware
>> (and Micah's launchpad) sub-project, a home (for "edutainment" things like
>> Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego) sub-project, and that
>>  we use seul-edu for general discussion and generation of new ideas.  We
>> haven't set these sub-projects up yet; this is just a proposal.  What do you
>> think?
>Hmmm... I don't think dividing at this moment would be very usefull...
>There's only little trafic on this mailinglist, yet... I fear that those
>sub-project-lists would not have enough people to ensure a certain 
>message-level and that after a short time the subscribers 
>would just sit there wondering why nothing happens...

Agreed. We're up to 58 subscribers now, and they're going to keep coming
for another while. Trying to quell the discussion now is not the way to do
it. We should keep seul-edu as the primary discussion list until we have a
more precise plan for what we want to develop and who's going to develop it.

But this doesn't mean that people interested in discussing a particular
sub-project indepth shouldn't start working on it. They can either discuss
privately (please cc me and dloss@seul.org so we can keep in sync with
people) with those interested in that sub-project (and post periodic
(daily or every other day) updates to the list itself) or I can set up a
list for that discussion, in preparation for when it's "opened" to general

I will leave final call up to Doug.