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Re: Gradebook development

On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 07:12:44PM -0500, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:

> understand how computers are being used in the K-12 schools. Next, I believe
> in the top down approach which is simply working from the top down. For
> example, I would look at the entire range of software that the teacher could
> use for administration not just the gradebook program. Then one can look at
> how the gradebook program fits into the whole picture. This way one sees the

OK, here goes:

Range of software: modular self-paced courseware (like
	    CCC,Plato,Pathfinder), large data-banks of questions/answers
	    convertible to paper tests, web tests, text-terminal tests, and
	    pictorial assessments (automatically updating markbook),
	    supermemo-like (http://www.supermemo.com) neurologically
	    optimized reviewing tools, clever typing tutor, school/mentoring
	    scheduling software, grammar and style checkers (GNU's diction
	    program?), and an efficient learning style assessment program
	    that would propose appropriate learning activities for given
	    PLOs (prescribed learning outcomes) and finally, a huge range of
	    curriculum-matched learning activity programs for all subjects.

database:  The database should automatically or semi-automatically record the
            results and/or log the use of all the above program ...
            providing a clear picture of how the student is doing to the

gradebook: really just a manual data input accessory (though currently very
	    popular, I think it will decrease in popularity as teachers
	    switch to email filters and other semi-automated assessment
	    ideas, and the long slow paradigm shift to mastery-based
	    learning continues. (that means that instead of worrying about
	    percents, teachers will certify that a student has mastered a
	    given PLO (prescribed learning outcome) much like badges in

User Interface: text based version for teachers/students/countries stuck
                with older equipment, Gnome/GUI version for those who are not.
		(both versions continuously updated simultaneously)