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Re: Gradebook development

In message <19981113221913.P8280@vc.bc.ca>, vernier@vernier writes:
>I will post jar, jaq and taq on to http://ess.vancouver.bc.ca this sunday
>for your perusal.  It is all GNU/GPL of course.  I have called this whole
>project of free software (logiciels libres in french) "gnuedu" but I don't
>know if permission is needed from the FSF.  I also make use of the ministry

Permission isn't needed from the FSF, but they generally appreciate it if
people developing 'gnu foo' tell them about it, so
a) they can keep track of who's doing what,
and b) they can tell other 'gnu foo' projects about each other.

Basically, the rule of thumb I've been working with is 'once there's code
actually available and some users, then tell the FSF'. It doesn't have to
be production-quality or anything -- just as long as it's well past the
'idea' stage. At least, that's how we dealt with it with the gEDA software
project (www.geda.seul.org).

Summary: you don't have to, but you probably should. It can't hurt.