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Re: Physics class

This is interesting stuff.  If we can get the specs for the physics
motion sensors, it shouldn't be too hard to write a Linux device
driver.  How many people do we have here that teach or know high school
math/science teachers?  I know my HS physics teacher pretty well, and
have almost convinced him to try Linux.  Perhaps something like this
would push him over the edge.  Last I checked he used an old XT with
some sort of physics sensor software.

Speaking of higher education, anyone interested in calculus?  A few
years ago I designed a program in Borland Pascal that can symbolically
differentiate a given single variable equation and graph the function
and derivative (polar or cartesian).  Its only real limitation is that
it can't handle functions that have an x in an exponent.  (The algorithm
to do that is quite complex...)  I've been meaning to port it to C++
(and have started a long time ago), and it might have some educational

Last I tried, it didn't work with the Free Pascal Compiler, but they
have a new version, so I should try again.

I think our primary interest here is grade school and general teacher
utils that H.S. teachers could use, but these projects are certainly
welcome as well!