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Re[2]: Large Scale Integration

From Looking over the ARIADNE and imsproject, they both seem to be focusing in 
on basic protocols for tracking computer based instruction.  Their view on 
instructinal management is similar to other systems I have seen and worked with 
such as AIMS from Josten's Learning Systems and CCC. It is based on the 
isolation of computer generated lessons and tracking and targeting lesson 
presentations.  This would fit more into Douglas Loss's category of courseware.

What is missing from the systems I have seen in place and what the ARIADNE and 
imsproject propose (from what I can see in the non-member exclusive section) is 
an integration of what I would like to think of as a School Management 
component. As a teacher, this is the biggest headache of teaching.  Having a 
school management core with an interface to CAI and traditional education 
record keeping would be a stronger focus point for this type of integration.  
The other projects are an important thing to watch for in the integration of 
courseware type software but unless trends i teaching drastically change, a 
small part in the overall picture.

On an ongoing basis, there are seemingly endless reports where we have to 
submit the same information in varied formats to different people.

In this category would be:

Report Cards
Class Grade Sheets
Standardized testing results
Participation in assorted programs and activities
     Special Education
     UIL type activities
     Intramural Activities
     Federal and State Programs
Bussing and Address information
Heath and Immunizatoin Information
Physical Data required for sport participation
Student Scheduling
Class Scheduling
Course Planning (for students graduation requirements)

And probably a hundred more that I have not thought of this morning.

This could be tied into several other modules such as:

Regular Classroom record keeping
CAI based instruction.
Independant or home bound/home based instruction

This is a different area than the ones I have seen in any forum of discussion.

Any ideas?

David Kirtley