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On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 02:08:53PM -0600, David Kirtley wrote:

> presentations.  This would fit more into Douglas Loss's category of courseware.

yes, I agree the imsproject should be classified as courseware. 

> The other projects are an important thing to watch for in the integration of 
> courseware type software but unless trends i teaching drastically change, a 
> small part in the overall picture.

it is a big part of my overall picture because I do a lot of work in
self-paced settings.  But I concede that for traditional teachers, it is not
currently a big part... though it could well be if the courseware was
integrated to the markbook.  In a class of 30, each student would get a
report card stating exactly how much and what of the grade 4 math curriculum
they have mastered ... some students could move on to grade 5 math and
beyond while others need more time to master earlier concepts.  No mess, no
fuss, the courseware keeps the markbook informed.