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RE: Cheerleading

Doug:  I joined the mailing list because, while I'm not an educator, I have
a real interest in Linux working in schools.  I'm a family therapist with
Catholic Charities, and I occasionally do workshops for teachers and
administrators on family systems theory and its application to teacher and
administration health in the workplace.  I discovered Linux about six months
ago and I'm only now learning it.  Your list seems to be for those who
already have a level of proficiency that I don't yet have.  So I'm asking
that you drop me from the list for now.

I think you folks are doing a very good work.  A lot of local school systems
here (Watertown NY) are uncritically entrenched in the world of bg.  I think
that will change over time as teachers themselves choose a Linux
alternative.  I am very pleased that good efforts are being made to bring
the penguin to children and teachers alike.

Doug Ort                   ort@northnet.org

"Penetrating so many secrets,
we cease to believe in the unknowable.
But there it sits nevertheless,
calmly licking its chops."
   --  H.L. Mencken

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