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Re: Launchpad and the GNOME panel

Doug Loss wrote:
> Do any of us here know if this is worth looking into?  Micah, how about
> you?  If the answer is that no one here knows either way I'll contact
> the GNOME panel developers to see what they think about it.  I won't do
> that till Wednesday or so though, to give some time for discussion about
> it.  What do you think?

Yes, I think that could work out fairly well.  It would require
re-writing  it in C, but that shouldn't be a big deal (and it would make
it faster anyway).

I'm not 100% sure how it would work.  We need a way to display the INFO
file and the student's current progress and goal every time the
selection moves over a given application in the menu.  But I think it
could be done, either by making an icon on the panel that would bring up
a dialog box with the menu options, or maybe as a pull-up menu like the
main Gnome thing, modified to display the additional stuff.

But since everything seems to be going GNOME, we probably should do