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edu applications list (was: Physics class)

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 07:31:32PM -0400, Douglas Loss wrote:
> >>>KT == Kevin Turner <Kevin.Turner@oberlin.edu> wrote at Sun, 15 Nov 1998
> 02:37:58 -0400 :
> >So from this we can build a resource/project list...  Do we have
> >equivalent Linux tools for a physics class?
> >
> Are you aware of the Scientific Applications for Linux site
> <http://sal.kachinatech.com>?  They've got over 2000 entries in their list;
> theey may have just what your looking for already.

Yeah, it's a great site.  :)  But most of the applications are more
specialized and more complex than was useful in high school...

So what might be usesful is a application list of our own, with pointers
to existing applications as well as wish lists from educators...  A
place for hackers to come to if they're looking for a way to contribute,
and a for teachers to come to see what tools are available to them...
And for students to come to see what would do their homework for them,
of course.  :)  I /still/ want my desktop computer to be as useful and
useable as my pocket graphing calculator...

In fact, I think it would be so nice to have a list to give to teachers
or students to answer the question, "but what can /I/ do with it?" that
I'd be willing to put some effort into maintaining such a list, if such
a thing does not already exist.   Unless someone else wants to so I can
use that time for hacking on code, which is often more fun.  ;)

 - Kevin