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Re: who can code?

I nned to phrase this a bit carefully :)

I have been playing with gnome apps and kde apps, (mostly kde for reasons I 
will explain shortly)

The one thing I see as a handicap for going GNOME/GTK is the small problem that 
it is moving SO fast.  As soon as you get one app going, it uses a newer 
version of the libs and it breaks something else that is not released with the 
newer libs.  I am using kde for right now as it is more mature, not nescesarily 
more stable or better.  

So what do I recomend?  Neither :)

Be sure to keep the core code as isolated from the toolkit as possible.  Keep 
the UI as isolated from the tool kit as possible.  Some users will be using 
anything from top of the line systems to 386 boxes with mono monitors or 
vt100's.  I have a small herd of donated computers for our school that I have 
not gotten running yet (like a couple and 286 boxes.)  Hey, our campus still 
has apple II computers in service.   X takes a lot of horsepower that some 
places will not have available.  

Just my $.02