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Re: who can code?

In message <36509CE9.890B8D5E@clark.net>, mike911@clark.net writes:
>just curious - 
>who here is a competent c programmer? also, anyone else have any
>gtk+/gnome experience?

I have a whole lot of experience with large/small software projects
in C. I can design, implement, test... I'm particularly good with
weird pointer arithmetic, string manipulation, etc. I have zero
experience with gtk+/gnome.

I also have little time to devote to seul-edu, especially currently.
(I'm trying to make sure that the rest of seul keeps moving in the
direction it should, and I'm trying to keep my gpa here somewhere near
where it ought to be.) So...If you have a particular complex task that
can be implemented in a vacuum ("here are your inputs, these should be
your outputs, don't worry about displaying it or anything") I'm your man.