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Re: who can code?

> who here is a competent c programmer?

I would consider refering to my c programming abilities as 
merely competent to be an insult. ;)

> also, anyone else have any
> gtk+/gnome experience?

I have some, but nothing major.

As several people had expressed interest in a console, gui, and web
interface, I starting wondering how useful linuxconf's ui code might be.
To write modules in linuxconf, the ui portion of the code uses a simple
toolkit, which just sends messages to the separate, and independent user
interface module. They have several ui clients which present this
information via a gui, ncurses, or html.

It only supports some basic fields, so the gui portion couldn't be too
fancy, but it might be useful to extend this a bit for the pieces that
have simple interfaces and really need non-gui interfaces (like perhaps a
computerized test/quiz program) so they are accessible via telnet.

For larger more complex applications (like a gradebook), I think it's
probably best to program directly to gtk/gnome. Is there really a need for
this, or any other program with a complex ui, to be console based?

Justin Bradford