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Re: edu applications list (was: Physics class)

>>>KT == Kevin Turner <Kevin.Turner@oberlin.edu> wrote at Mon, 16 Nov 1998
17:26:01 -0400 :

>So what might be usesful is a application list of our own, with pointers
>to existing applications as well as wish lists from educators...  A
>place for hackers to come to if they're looking for a way to contribute,
>and a for teachers to come to see what tools are available to them...
>And for students to come to see what would do their homework for them,
>of course.  :)
>In fact, I think it would be so nice to have a list to give to teachers
>or students to answer the question, "but what can /I/ do with it?" that
>I'd be willing to put some effort into maintaining such a list, if such
>a thing does not already exist.

Bob mentioned just about that same idea to me in a private message.  I think
it's a good idea, and I know that SEUL will bill willing to host such a list.
  Let's start compiling it.

You can send me private messages with "PTR" in the subject for pointers to
existing applications that you think would be useful to educators and
students, and "WISH" in the subject for things you'd like to see that you
haven't been able to find.  I'll compile them during the week and publish a
list to the mailing list every Friday evening.  That way we won't bog down
the mailing list with a lot of these messages but will be able to keep them
in front of ourselves.  Bob, when I get this going could you help me with an
appropriate HTML presentation?  I'd like to be able to indicate when
something on the wish list moves to the pointer list, expecially if it's due
to work from some of you folks here on seul-edu.

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