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Re: Launchpad and the GNOME panel

Doug Loss wrote:

> I poked around the GNOME website a little, and I wonder if we can't use
> the gnome.scores widget to keep track of the the student's progress.  I
> don't know how that would interact with the panel, but it seems like a
> simple call that handles a bunch of stuff.  I'm rapidly getting beyond
> my depth here (I'll need to read up on GNOME), but if the panel can be
> made to interact with these scores it might be the way to go.

OK.  I think that any applet can be made to interact with the panel,
either through CORBA or possibly just calling the panel's API.

OTOH, I don't know that much about it either, so I should probably shut

A score widget sounds good.  I wonder what it does exactly.  I'll take a