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Re: edu applications list (was: Physics class)

Hi All,

Just another quick note. I've acquired a license to a new media tool called
"iShell". This tool leverages Apple's QuickTime 3.0 utilities in some very
powerful ways. You can find info at "www.tribeworks.com"

What's this got to do with us? Check out the scuttlebutt on QuickTime for
Linux at "http://www.macosrumors.com/".

yes, it was me who asked..... and for the record, Apple's web site says that
the Java QuickTime implementation only runs on Mac and Win32 systems.

I'll let you know what I think of iShell for freely distributed edu apps
soon. It looks very promising right now at these early stages of my learning
curve. You can deliver open source apps with this tool. They can be edited
with a text editor. They can be authored and run anywhere QuickTime 3 will

I'll find out what the edu license cost for the iShell editor is. If we
press `em, we might talk them into a giving schools a good deal.

I'll be back soon,

Bill Stephenson