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Re: priority #1 in edu software: good and easy visual multimedia developer's ...

In a message dated 11/17/98 2:52:53 PM EST, rnd@sampo.karelia.ru writes:
>Well, open source made serious advancements in
>1) open protocols (for the Internet)
>2) open OS (Linux/FreeBSD)
>3) major software areas (Netscape, databases, etc.)

>But so  far  open  source  has  NO  (AFAIK)  followers  in  the
>edutainment sphere and multimedia.

If I understand the question correctly, the answer is that there is extensive
work going on in open source multimedia. It is just lagging behind commercial
development. I will put it on my ToDo list to provide a list of links. Roger,
I'm working on it. The one area that concerns me is speech recognition.

>As for wishlists, I saw one somewhere: it  had  a  very  sparse
>educational sector... oh... where was that? Application (to  be
>asked to be ported) were listed and people  voted  for  one  or
>another or for 'surfer defined'... Does somebody know, where is
>that place in the  web?  (it  was  advertized  on  slashdot  or
>freashmeat 2 months(?) ago or more...)