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Apple's QuickTime

>I couldn't find anything on that site about Quicktime and Linux,
>although I admit I didn't look very hard.  Could you give us a more
>specific URL?

It's been moved off the front page to

Here's what they said:

"Q: Will we ever see QuickTime on Linux? When I think of how much this would
do for Linux and it's ability to compete with Windows it seems that Apple
must be thinking about this. 

A: For some time, sources have reported that a Linux port of QuickTime was
in progress, and according to the latest reports, we may see this surface in
the not-so-distant future. There is already support for Linux via the Java
QuickTime implementation, but native support should not be too far off."

From my experiance, Mac OS Rumors has been right more often than not. Even
if Apple does not do this, iShell still provides some unique opportunities
to create open source, freely distributable software for education. I've yet
to contact them for their pricing on an educational license. I'll write them
a note today.

Bill Stephenson