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Re: Coders and projects

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998 EAMorical@aol.com wrote:

> I'll give a hand on this to the extent I'm not needed elsewhere. I'm very good
> at picking out useful information. The question I have is "how are we going to
> implement this". I can see that something gets put together and I assume gets
> put on the web site. It will need continual updating. How does this get done
> without making a lot of work for somebody.


I agree that we have to find some method that won't become a 2nd job for
someone. I suppose we'll all have a better idea of the work involved when
we begin to see the project taking shape. I don't really have any concrete
ideas right now, but I'm sure that there are enough people interested that
we can take a "divide and conquer" approach. I don't think we'll have any
trouble rounding up beta testers. I can do some html so it's possible that
I could help keeping a web site up to date.


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