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Doug, you asked "Are any of us skilled Graphically"? I don't know. Besides a
home business, this room houses an art studio. The walls are covered with
paintings. I don't know if this is exactly what you had in mind.

Thadeu Penna writes:
>My main interest is bring "new" concepts in
>Physics and Mathematics such as chaos, fractals, complexity to the
>kids/teens. I have used x-10 gadgets, Tablets, video-cameras and a cheap
>microscopy on Linux.

I help a college student with calculus, physics, etc. I often think what if
instead of helping one, I was helping a million. Thadeu, I was wondering if
you have Linux educational programs available? If so are they GPL and how hard
would it be to switch the language part? Also you mention video-cameras. By
any chance do you have a Linux video editing program.

Bruno writes:
>I'm not a java writer myself, but let's not exclude any language. In one of
>my schools with a parent participation program, a java expert has just
>enthousiastically volunteered her expertise to help in this project.

Not to leave any stone unturned take a look at the URL below.

Daniel Moore writes:
>Here's another URL.  I believe that there was some discussion as to
>whether we should include java applets in our educational programs
>business, right?  This is a collection of physics education applets.


Also see the December Linux Journal article Sharing Pedagogy with Java by
Robert A. Dalrymple page 54 and the listed URL

What are the licensing issues with Java?