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Re: Coders and projects

Tim writes:
>On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

>> I think Doug left an important category out of his "list of what
>> non-programmers can do" -- organizers. People who look through the
>> archives (and watch the list), and sort and summarize useful posts by
>> topic.

>Given my early interest in this project and my general lack of programming
>experience, this seems like an obvious fit for me. I could certainly help
>with documentation and testing the apps in the real world.


I'll give a hand on this to the extent I'm not needed elsewhere. I'm very good
at picking out useful information. The question I have is "how are we going to
implement this". I can see that something gets put together and I assume gets
put on the web site. It will need continual updating. How does this get done
without making a lot of work for somebody.