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I just received permission from Teresa to post her response to my questions:

reminder: Teresa and her group developed XML tags for "Standard Assessment
and Testing" which they call SATML based on the IMS specs. This confirms my
optimism regarding the IMSproject.  I will now convert the word.doc files
for the specification into text and post it on a website so those interested
in the data model can see the source documents I'm using for the First Draft.

Let's commoditize these protocols!!!  ;-)


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All the material on the SATML page is open to the public (GPL). I am very
happy to hear that you liked it.

I will soon remodel the SATML page a bit and put up some more material. I
have just finished a thesis regarding education material and the use of XML
which I plan to put on the SATML web site pretty soon

I am very interested in hearing from you again if you do any progress on the
Linux applications, and please tell me if you need more material.

BTW! In my thesis there are reviews of other similar initiatives that may be
interesting for you.

/Teresa Ferrandez tess_ferrandez@bigfoot.com

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