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Re: First XML Draft

On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 12:08:38AM -0800, Bruno Vernier wrote:

> optimism regarding the IMSproject.  I will now convert the word.doc files
> for the specification into text and post it on a website so those interested
> in the data model can see the source documents I'm using for the First Draft.
> Let's commoditize these protocols!!!  ;-)

the web site is http://ess.vancouver.bc.ca/ims/ims.html

note: in the First Draft I sent very early this morning, I forgot to mention
that these tags were meant to be associated to individual Learner Profiles
which explains why there were not learner-name tags as such.

In Micah's edulp program, there is a file for each learner; these are called
Learner Profiles in IMSspeak.  edulp currently stores the data in DBM
format.  All Micah needs to do is either change the program to save in text
files with the IMS performance tags, or write a convertor from his DBM
fileformat to IMS performance tag format and vice versa...  and voila; our
first standardized linux educational program!

Does this correspond with reality, Micah?