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Re: First XML Draft

Bruno Vernier wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 18, 1998 at 12:08:38AM -0800, Bruno Vernier wrote:
> > optimism regarding the IMSproject.  I will now convert the word.doc files
> > for the specification into text and post it on a website so those interested
> > in the data model can see the source documents I'm using for the First Draft.
> >
> > Let's commoditize these protocols!!!  ;-)

I skimmed through Bruno's URL and looked at the IMS data model.  David,
Tim, anyone else with a feel for this sort of thing, please look at
this.  I'm not the one to make an informed decision on this, but it
looks like our data model may be in large part already defined!  Barring
any show-stopping observations from the group my vote is to use these
protocols as our data specification and go from there.

> In Micah's edulp program, there is a file for each learner; these are called
> Learner Profiles in IMSspeak.  edulp currently stores the data in DBM
> format.  All Micah needs to do is either change the program to save in text
> files with the IMS performance tags, or write a convertor from his DBM
> fileformat to IMS performance tag format and vice versa...  and voila; our
> first standardized linux educational program!
> Does this correspond with reality, Micah?

I also asked Micah about modifying edulp to use the GNOME panel as its
user interface (more or less).  Would these two ideas complement or
conflict with each other?  If they can work together, we will have
started on creating a GNOME interface to the IMS world, which sounds
like a good idea.

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