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Re: Seating (was: Re: Gradebook development)

On Wed, 18 Nov 1998, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> A more correct solution is to have a GUI that displays the room, and
> allows you to click to create chairs, create tables, resize tables, etc.
> This allows a teacher to either describe the current room layout, or
> experiment with new room layouts without having to shove all the tables
> and chairs around physically to see if it would work out.
> To save time, it would have a set of 'standard' layout types ("horseshoe",
> "clusters of 4", etc) -- you could specify "I want clusters of 4" and
> it would generate a room layout for you, based on your list of students
> and your constraints (eg student attributes and likes/dislikes).

This is what I had in mind too. We'll need some system that allows for
custom configuration of a room. I like your ideas.


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