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Introducing myself

Greetings, seul-educators!

Well, I've been putting this off for several days. Guess I should

Let's see. I'm an American living in Japan; I teach English to college 
freshmen at a sci/tech university. Despite the name, Science
University of Tokyo, the campus where I work is nowhere near Tokyo. In 
fact, it's way up north in Hokkaido where there are more cows than
people and more snowflakes than anything else. Great for us skiers!

I've been using Linux for about 2 years, and I've been aware of and
interested in SEUL for at least a year but haven't gotten involved in
any SEUL activities up to now.

So what do I/can I do? Well, I've been spending a lot of time recently 
learning SGML and Tcl/Tk. I'm interested in developing easy-to-use
SGML/XML applications, and have begun work on a Tcl library for
working with SGML ... though I've been taking a rest from it in order
to get my SGML knowledge up to snuff, and to check out what other
people are doing with Tcl & SGML. I've noticed there's been some
discussion about XML on the list ... to tell you the truth, I haven't
read all the mail carefully enough to really know what's going on, but 
I hope to get up to speed within the next few days.

Besides that, I'm big on documentation and could possibly be persuaded 
to write a help file or two. Though, to tell you the truth, I'm not
sure yet how involved I want to get. Although I like Linux and want to 
see it grow, I'm more interested in doing cross-platform stuff at the
moment. So I may just listen in from the corner for a while, if that's
all right with everybody.

Matt Gushee
Oshamanbe, Hokkaido, Japan