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Re: Seating (was: Re: Gradebook development)

> The problem with using a DBM interface directly is that we are limited in
> future expansion. I think it's pretty clear that we aren't talking about
> something like a simple gradebook anymore, but rather a series of
> interoperable components, one of which is a gradebook (more like a
> gradebook interface to the data, which will very likely contain data the
> gradebook doesn't care about).

unless someone is going to write a superior replacement, i am going to
use straight xml just like the spreadsheet, gnumeric (for those who want
to take a peek at gnumeric, it gzips stuff first, by default).

> All of the UI should be as modular as possible, but not at the expense of
> stifling development. I don't think it's unreasonable to start with GTK
> (not Gnome-specific, yet, so it will still run under KDE) since the only
> substantial UI development experience here seems to be with GTK/Gnome. A
> Qt port and tighter integration to their respective desktops should come
> at a later point.

the new code i've begun writing can use any toolkit there is a front-end
for via a /very/ clean set of #ifdefs and the like. keep in mind i'm
just doing this as i go along, and it's going to progress pretty slowly
for some time, since i don't have /too/ much free time and am attempting
to return to the dvorak layout (slowing me down quite a bit), but you
can browse my work-in-progress at http://mike911.clark.net/~gnomecvs/

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