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Re: Seating (was: Re: Gradebook development)

> Yes, they are committed to GNOME.  But is everyone?  Is it OK to lock
> everyone into it?  Perhaps so, I don't know.  I think we *could* write
> it without GNOME and perhaps have it start when the window manager
> starts.  It would still be well integrated into the system.  And even if
> it was written without GNOME, there could still be a panel widget that
> knows about it, to make it interface with GNOME.

see my previous post about the gradebook being toolkit independent. i
will write the gnome fe, others can write whatever they like (i'm not
sure how it's licensed quite yet. i had assumed gpl initially, but i
think i might take another look at the artistic license. no nee to
worry, though)

> > have GPLed KDE software (I think it was pretty clear before that you couldn't
> >  legitimately, but I don't know now).  Roger, isn't one of SEUL's precepts
> > that anything developed under its auspices will be under the GPL?

actually, if the qpl and gpl are incompatible, that is a problem if a)
you want to write a gpl program b) want to steal gpl code. by itself, i
wouldn't mind having a bunch of qpl programs on my machine, but i don't
want to see them stealing gpl code and mixing it with non-free software
which they are prohibited from doing currently (and the qpl does nothing
about this).

> And for that matter, what about the LGPL??????  If everything used by a
> GPL program has to be GPL, the LGPL would be out!

what about it? read the lgpl please. to summarize: it's the gpl except
you can link non-free software with it and get away with making .o files
available, instead of .c files.

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