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First list of pointers and wishes, and an aside

I apologize for this first list being perhaps incomplete, but I left all the
messages on my computer at work.  Here's what I remember from them.  I don't
remember who submitted what, but I'll get that info and post it on Monday.


For some typing tutors and language instruction programs take a look at:


In <ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/misc/> there are two programs of

chemtool-1.1.1.tar.gz, a menu-driven program for drawing organic molecules
under X, and nut3.tar.gz, a program to record and analyze meals according to
the USDA Nutrient Database.


Tim Wilson (I think) wanted a program to allow the on-screen construction of
electronic circuits from discrete components (resistors, transistors,
capacitors, etc.) and which would allow students to connect virtual testing
equipment to the circuits at various points to see their simulated
performance.  I pointed him to spice3f4 and SPICECAD, which looked like
possibilities but which might be too powerful for his stated need.  Tim, how
did they work out?

Now an aside.  I haven't seen many posts here for the last two days;
certainly nothing near what we had previously.  Are we all sitting back and
digesting everything that's been said?  Where do we go from here?  I think
we're near or at the point where we need to start working on some code.
Right now Justin Maurer has his gradebook code and is modifying it to be
XML-based (right?), and Micah Yoder has his edulp code and is thinking about
what direction to go with it (again, right?).  Justin Bradford is looking for
 a coding project to satisfy a grant requirement (that bit I may have
slightly misunderstood), and Bruno Vernier is working on understanding the
IMS data models as XML constructs.

Justin and Justin, where do each of you want to go from here?  Justin Maurer,
 would you be interested in letting your gradebook code be used as the
beginning of the admin software we've been discussing?  Justin Bradford, does
 that sound like the sort of thing you're looking for?

Bruno, how do you see us proceeding?  You have some code that should be
considered in this project too, would you be willing to let it be worked on
by this project?  Bruno and Justin Maurer, if the answers are yes your code
will probably have to be modified to work with each other.  Any problems

Micah, where do you waant to take the edulp?  Is it something that a group
could profitably work on, or is it better done by an individual?

Roger, if people agree that it's time to start slinging code can we get some
space in the cvs tree for this work?

So many questions.  Let's answer a few, if only to shut me up!

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