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Re: First list of pointers and wishes, and an aside

There is also Linguisto - to learn vocabulary of some 
language (but its postcardware ;-)

And Logo programming language to teach CS for children.

There is also commercial MetaCard program
(I don't remember where have I found it) 
with which it is possible to build 
stacks of eduware.

That's all I know of...

I don't have enough time/money to mine 
sal.kachinatech.com (?) or Gary' encyclopedia of Linux
software to dig out more...

On Fri, 20 Nov 1998, Douglas Loss wrote:


My wish #1 is FREE MetaCard like  (but  better!!!)  program  to
constract stacks of educational programs.

>Now an aside.  I haven't seen many posts here for the last two days;
>certainly nothing near what we had previously.  Are we all sitting back and
>digesting everything that's been said?  Where do we go from here?  I think

Well, I am personall not interested in Gradebook development
(as I stated). And, unfortunately, I have very little time
to realize my #1 wish :-(

>we're near or at the point where we need to start working on some code.

There is a need to have:

SQL <-> XML convertor
some program(s) to build (ncurses,Gtk,Qt) menu interface on given
menu tree ( like Gopher? )

Then all development efforts will be concentrated on the
data model: the most interesting and complex task.

Is my outsider's view right?

(It's much faster to do data-driven things if proper tools
are here.)

Poke me if I am wrong.

BTW, this discussion showed me a way of  how  to  implement  my
Institutes teacher's cadres database as related to courses  and
schools. Really thanks! I will look into the same XML +  SQL  +
"Gopher" (?) thing!

(And will be GPL released if it will be universal enough.)

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